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i simply wish to install directx9.0c but can't find what i'm looking for on the net...also, i tried to intall a game called "The Witcher" and i seems it messed up one of my didn't totally download the game nor will it allow me to uninstall the game when i turn my computer on, a bubble immediately tells me that one of my drivers has been disabled...when i click on the bubble, it sends me to a site in poland where the game originated but says it's not a correct address when i click on that...tempted to just take my laptop to a computer shop and let someone who knows what they're doing handle it
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  1. direct x link for your game do a system restore prior to the install.
  2. if your machine is running win7 you won't be able to install dx9c, because you're already running dx11, which is the latest version.

    The Witcher works fine under dx11 installation as it runs in dx9 mode which dx11 is compatible with. It sounds like your problem is with the game not installing correctly. I recommend to do a system restore, delete any files you can regarding the game, then do a registry clean up and try to install the game again.

    I have it running on my win7 machine with no problems.
  3. thank seems like you were correct
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