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I have an EVGA 256MB 6800GS PCI Express graphics card. The idle temp is about 55C. Under load it ramps up to about 95C to 100C. That seems extremely high. My case is well ventilated. Are these temps normal? Thanks for the help.
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  1. The idle temp seems fine, but your load temps seem a little high. The 6800 in my sig comp runs at 50c idle and never gets past 75c load even with the overclock on it. Suggestions would be to buy some thermal past like AS5 and remount the GPU heatsink or buy a new cooler.
  2. Your load temp seems a bit high to me. My Oc'd 6800gs (513 core, 1131 memory), runs at 44C idle and around 70C load. However, I did install an arctic cooler silencer VGA cooler and replaced the supplied thermal pads with arctic silver 5.

    You should be OK, though, as I forgot to connect my GPU fan after some modifications and the card got up to 125C. That happened 8 months ago, and the card has been running fine without a problem since then. What are your CPU and ambient temps running? Also, what program are you using to view the temperature data. My friend was using Speedfan to monitor his temps, and the program was reading his GPU way higher than the Nvidia temp monitor.
  3. My CPU Temp is 27C, which is normal. The GPU Ambient temp is 30C. I am using Everest, Nvidia Control Panel and Asus Probe. I have no problem running games ( Farcry, Halo,HalfLife 2 ).No artifacts or freeze ups and i am running the games with all the options pretty much on high. By the way Iam using Nvidias latest drivers ( 93.71 ).

    Asus P5LD2 Motherboard
    P4 3.0 GHZ 630 Processor@3.6GHZ
    Infineon 1 GB DDR2-533 SDRAm
    EVGA 256MB 6800GS PCI Express
    WD 120GB 7200RPM IDE Driv
  4. Download RivaTuner, and adjust fan speeds. Do this before getting a better cooler or paste
  5. Thanks. I'll try it.
  6. In Rivatuner, I found the fan options but I'm not sure what to set them at.Can anybody tell me ?
  7. For the 2d you can set your fan low, so as to minimize noise while surfing the internet, etc. Check temps to be sure, but I have mine set to the lowest (25%) and the card temp still stays pretty low.
    The "low power" 3d is i think for watching videos, etc. I have my fan set to 25% for that, too.
    The performance 3d is the setting that is used while you are gaming. Fan noise is probably less of a concern for you here, so try setting it high, 70-80% or more. This should give you better GPU cooling while gaming. Use speedfan or something to monitor your in-game temps. The default fan settings are 53%, so boosting the performance 3d fan speed should help keep your card cooler

    Hope that helps.
  8. try taking the cooler of and blowing the dust out, I did this and it make 20 degrees diffrence, also the thermal past my have dried up so put some new past on.
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