I need help with the 2 most important things!

Hey all,

I am building right now and I am looking for a psu and case fans. I have a P180b and I want to get the overall best fans I can. I was looking at te SilenX and Noctua. I want to max out the fans without losing the hdd space and adding additional fans. So I think that gets me a total of 4 fans, 3 120's and one 80. Also I was looking at the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 610 or 750. I was also looking at the seasonics: I just want efficient headroom and I dont care about the extra $75 for piece of mind and a great psu, the most important component. Any suggestions on the fans and psu?

I am running one mid level graphics (havent decided)
Sound card, e6600, two seagates, two opticals, 4 fans, fan control, just the normal stuff ya know

Also does anyone like hdd coolers? Will they fit in p180
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  1. Hey hardyb, I'm planning to build a new PC and the PS that I'm planning to use is the Corsair hx620w (620 watt) for my machine. It seems to be a great PS. :)
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