M$ ICS Lan to Ad-hoc help

Desperate times lead to desperate measures.
Recently posted a alternative to this idea and going against it..
Continued to try to get this Internet Connection Sharing to properly run.
So far the way its designed is through a Network Bridge.
I have a RealTek Network Adapter that is connected to the net right now and a Wireless card Intel set up as Peer to Peer (Ad-Hoc).
I setup as was wrote in a technical article and then bridged.
Machines can connect to the Adhoc Peer To Peer Access point.
But im lost on how to share the net connection
I tried going ahead with Internet Sharing Connection ICS on the Wireless card but failed.
So my question is on how to exactly set this up properly for Machines with Wifi can access this accesspoint without complications..
Need information on how to successfully assign ICS on a Bridge
and how to setup the Accesspoint to run like a Gateway to Assign addresses and etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.. Just trying to get my kids portables running without going through the expense of buying one right at this time.
Thanks you for anyone who would be willing to even drop me a simple url or a couple minutes of text on what to do here.
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  1. Issue taken care of. Sorry i slapped myself a couple times for not remembering on what you needed to do.

    Heres the other question... ;)

    Wifi to Ethernet......

    Basicaly dedicating a laptop to run as a Router and using the Wireless as the Internet Connection and the Lan input on it and turn it into a Output. Doesnt wanta run as easy as the other Configuration as mentioned before.. So im lost again.
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