Do I need to upgrade my graphics card

Hi Everyone
This is my 1st post here so go easy on me!!!

I had a custom pc made by scan for me a year ago now. - its basic specs are a amd x2 4400, 2Gb paired high performance ram and a XFX 7800GT card. Everything is going fine and play call of duty, half life, far cry etc with no problem.

However the games I will be buying in the future, will be Stalker, Flashpoint2(armedAssualt) and the big one crysis which I beleave has been put back again till june /july?

Will my 7800 cope with these games? I have been told that crysis is coming out on directx10 which the card does not support. Should I leave the card to play the 1st two games and maybe look to upgrade my card when crysis is released? or bite the bullet and buy a 8800 gts now? I guess I will need a new power suppply as well if I get a new card as the 8800 needs a 600w supply as my Tagan 480w will not be enough?

Also if i do wait for crysis i guess a new card will be out to replace the 8800 by them?

Your thoughts and advice will be greatly valued.
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  1. DO NOT buy the 8800.. wait until crysis is released then make ur choice.. since not only will the prices come down by then, but we will have faster cards..
  2. Dont buy a card in advance. Wait for the games to come out. Maybe you wont even like them or they will be just fine on your current card.
    If you are really into some game and you find your hardware to be slow then yes, upgrade!
  3. Regarding Crysis, read this:

    So it looks like your PC will be fine for this game. Remember that Crysis supports Direct X 10 but it doesn't require it. You can play it fine with Direct X 9.

    As for upgrading for Direct X 10, sure you'll need to do it eventually but I don't see any real rush. You'll need both a copy of Vista and a new graphics card, neither of which are particularly cheap.
  4. Don't upgrade now.

    Upgrade when the games come out, and there will be more choices, such as 8600s, R600 etc. It'll be a bad choice to upgrade now.
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