connecting asus 8800gts power supply.

This is going to sound bloody daft, but looking at an asus 8800 gts, i see it is fitted with a 6 pin connector. comes with a cable that allows it to be connected and then splits in to 2 seperate 3 pin ones, i take it that both need to be connected, (even with single card). dont want to blow the thing by putting too much juice in to it.

Can any one reccommend a PSU that has the correct connection. currently running hiper type r 500w psu

system specs are
asus p5e sli quad ready mobo
2x 1gb corsair ddr2 8500
asus 8800 gts
e6300 dual core cpu
can you also advise what FSB should be, and how to achieve it's full potential without oc (want to get the basics right 1st)
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  1. Many thanks will have a look.
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