performance difference from x800xt to 1950xtx agp version?

I am debating on upgrading my x800xt platinum msi vid card for one of the x1950xt or x1900 agp cards. I am not sure if it would be worth it for me though what do you guys think? I would like to turn all my settings up as much as possible.
I am trying to figure out if i will see a worthwhile performance increase from what i have.

I have amd64 3500 74 gig raptor msi k8nneo2 platinum mobo and 1 gig of corsair.
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  1. night and day
  2. There is no X1950XT or XTX AGP, only the X1950 Pro AGP. But on your system, there would be a huge difference going from X800XT to X1950 pro, depending on the game and settings you play at.

    Look at Tom's review (linked above) as the 3400+ is a perfect comparison for your system. The X800XT is a bit behind the 7600GT/7800GS overall(the higher clocked x800xtpe would be about equal), but close enough and it would take some games. So just use those two for a comparison and you will see in GPU intensive games the X1950 pro spanks those other cards. You'll also be getting a capable SM3 card that can do HDR in Oblivion and Farcry and is also capable of playing any SM3.0 only titles that may appear like SC:Double Agent.
  3. I am running PCIe, but I went from an ATI X850XT Platinum Edition to an ATI X1950Pro.
    No comparison. Big, big difference.
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