Blue Screen Stop Error!

Hi All,
Last week I crashed out of an online game and had to hard reset to reboot my system. At the post op screen where it tells you board make and such,it had green lines down the screen a bit like the matrix! then on the next screen and when you have the option of safe mode, you cant read anything its like someone has filled the screen with #'s.then it tries to boot with the xp logo and the loading bar, it has lines down the screen again, then goes to the blue screen error with ***STOP: 0x0000007E ... and so on, then resets and tries again with the same results, although on two occassions it has actually loaded! and been ok (no lines) once in xp! Until I try to reload Nvidia drivers, then it goes to a black screen and eventually my monitor goes to standby!
Is there anything I can do to get my gfx working properly again? Its a pci E, geforce 6600gt, the rest of my specs are:
Intel 3ghz ht cpu on Intel D915gag mobo,
On board hd sound,
400watt psu,
1ghz ddr400 ram PC3200,
80ghz sata hdd,
20ghz ide hdd,
DVD drive,
Windows XP SP2
On board Intel express gfx (at the moment)
Any help is greatly appretiated! Thanx in advance Gaz!
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  1. Have you tried to reinstall your mainboard drivers?

    In addition i would try to disable every device in the bios that you don´t need, just in case and to limit the possible sources for errors.
  2. I would be willing to bet windows got corrupted some how. If you can, try to restore to a date that it was working fine. You should re-install windows at least 1 a year to keep it running optimally anyway, so if the above doesn't work just re-install. If that doesn't fix the problem then I would check the video card maybe borrow someones card and see if that could be it. When video cards go bad they can create some pretty strange problems.
  3. Hi,
    Thanx for the quik replys,
    Yes this system has been running fine for about 8 months now, and still does! The problem only occures when I stick the gfx card back in and try to boot with that! Everything is ok when I switch to the onboard gfx!
  4. I would think it might be the card. Just make sure that you disable onboard video in your bios when the card is in. There are several driver cleaners out there but I can't think of one off the top of my head but you might run one to clean up everything related to the card and then try installing the drivers again. Maybe someone on here can name one, I'm tired.
  5. Hi,
    Heres a bit of an update, as mensioned in the first post it has loaded a couple of times. well in safe mode although I cant see the options, it loads up every time. So while Ive had it loaded up (in safe mode) I have put the Nvidia drivers back in, but now when I try to boot normally it still has the lines on screen but instead of going to the blue screen error message it looks like it is going to load but then goes to a black screen (with lines) like before normally going to log on screen, but instead the green lines just go all dotted across the screen then nothing the monitor goes to standby and I have to reset! I uploaded some photos to try better explain myself. Sorry for the qaulity they were taken with my mobile!
    first the blue screen error I was getting-
    It was hard to catch because it only flashed up for a second.
    Post Boot-
    Safe mode options-
    While trying to load-
    Then this-
    And this-
    And then eventually the monitor goes to sleep! Any ideas ? If the card was fried then surly it wouldnt work in safe mode?? All help greatfully recieved
    Thanx Gaz!!!
  6. here is a link to the stop error at microsoft:

    1. I would make sure bios is updated
    2. disable onboard video in bios
    3. try different video card
    4. and if all else fails re-install windows.

    actually if you do a search on the entire numbers that come after the stop error you will be able to get more specific.
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