can't decide choice of 4 boards

was just about to order with the

asus P5W64 WS Pro when I buyers remorse over price etc. did a bit more hunting and found

DFI 975 Infinity

MSI 975 Powerup

and intel 975 board that also lick me nicely.

requirements for me

using an E6600 processor which I intend to overclock with 2GB geil 4-4-4-12 memory.

I need a board to take

3 EIDE 250GB hard drives
2 SATA dvd writers
2 SATA hard drives

sound card
graphics card


IT MUST HAVE AN EXTERNAL PARALLEL PORT. I have 3 printers running off a switch box so please no one suggest a 680 nforce board because I know they don't come with one.

now I know a lot of new boards don't have 2 EIDE controllers so I may have to resort to my EIDE controller card, not a problem. something I would have to do with the asus board anywa.

but the DFI and MSI boards are tempting because they are between £50 and £80 less than the Asus board.

anyone care to pass comment on them?

I know the Asus will be much better build quality and I've used Asus and Intel boards in the past. When I last bought a machine, DFI and MSI were budget.

if I'm overclocking what's better for me here.
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  1. You're right, I don't think any of the new Intel mobo have more than one controller, to get 2 you'd have to go with AMD2. You know what you want on the mobo, what I'd do is got to newegg and do some power searches of mobo focusing on the one's that have the features you want and put them in a wish list. Once the wish list is complete, I'd start looking at newegg user reviews of the boards and start eliminating those that have obvious problems. Once I got the list narrowed down I'd start doing more research, reviews from tomshardware, extremetech, etc as well as check out the mfg websites for support and check out the manual. At least for me, deciding on a mobo is a process of elimination.
  2. With the latest BIOS the DFI is a fine board.
  3. okay, refined this further with an update and further advice required

    I've ordered a machine for myself, but my father, having seen what I am getting has a serious case of envy and has decided to go one better (git) and get a quad Core QX6700.

    He also wants to clock but I have advised him a quad core won't go as far regards FSB.

    If he's prepared to lay down for a QX6700, I've suggested a QE6800 because he doesn't video edit and will get no benefit from a quad core whatsoever, he's purely looking at bragging rights. He games a lot though.

    I've picked an Intel Bad Axe 2 board (I'm thinking go to quad core later in about a year and fingers crossed that it'll take a penryn.)

    however, for what he wants, while a bad axe 2 might be okay, I'm aware that the bad axe 2 is a 975 chipset and that the 965's are supposed to clock better. I'm also aware that the 965 is more recent and therefore might take a penryn down the line better than a 975 set. (he's still convinced getting a quad sooner or later is the way to go)

    He's going to be going 8800 GTX BTW with a view to SLI later.

    If he's wanting to push numbers, I know Nforce 680 boards can clock well but have had some problems.

    what about the following?

    Gigabyte DQ6 (965p)
    Asus Commando (965p)
    P5W64WSpro (975 set)

    or does someone want to recommened a 680 board, (i'd probably consider either an Asus Striker, or a BFG 680 board) although I understand that apart from the bundles, the 680 boards are all manufactured by one company anyway and just rebranded as appropriate.

    can someone advise on this. He's got about a £1600+ VAT budget to play with. He's tempted by VISTA but I've firmly put him off that one. That's his problem, all flash. I'll just get the windows transformation pack 6 onto XP if he's that desperate.

    Can someone advise please, I've already driven myself mad looking at boards for me.
  4. Quote:

    He's going to be going 8800 GTX BTW with a view to SLI later.

    at this stage that restricts his choice to ideally 680i SLI or perhaps 650i SLI mobos unless he's willing to change boards when he gets his second 8800GTX.
    abit, Asus, Gigabyte & MSI all have 680is designed & built by themselves.
    BFG, ECS, eVGA, Galaxy, Inno3D etc. all have reference boards bought in from nVidia (just to confuse things MSI also offer a reference board as well as their non-reference).
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