OCZ heatsink touching...???

I just got some more ram for my system and put it in.
But the heatsinks are touching my old ram's heatsinks.

Is this a problem?

Old-2x512mb Gold Ed. Gx XTC pc 5400
New-2x1gb Gold Ed. XTC pc 6400


Thanks for any help.
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  1. I know - the slots are kinda close together and using 4 sticks, they get real chummy :)
    No worries though - they won't overheat within spec.
    If you are running them very hard ie. overclocked with tight timings, and ~2.1 or 2.2V, and you have poor case ventilation, it would be something to keep an eye on...
    In that (total top-performance) situation you would probably want to run just 2GB memory and yank the other 1GB.
    3GB is lots! Maybe you could sell the 2 x 512MB to someone...?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I know 3gb is a lot but I do a lot of 3D design/Animation aswell Photo & video editing.

    I have an Enermax Phoenix Case with a 25cm/90cfm fan on the side.
    An 8cm fan in front and an other in back with a Big Typhoon HSF on my cpu.

    I will mostly likely be running the ram a the stock values for the pc 5400
    and not the pc 6400 values.
    (ie: 4-4-4-12, 1.9V)
  3. Make sure they're not bent. I had a set with one of the spreaders slightly bowed, so I gently bent it back straight. Just lay the module down on a flat surface on both sides to check if its flat/straight.
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