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Hello all. New member here and building first system. Not a gamer of any sort except maybe some online arcade games. Mostly a "sufter" and do some word processing and more and more digital photography stuff. General user I guess you might say. Am a performance geek tho. Have been looking at "barebone" systems and have a couple that I'm trying to decide on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

these are the systems. Sorry to include so many but having a hard time deciding. Also, beside digital photography do a lot of music, burning cd's and such and some dvd work. Nothing too intense tho.

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  1. The first link considering its the only socket AM2 system listed.
  2. If you like the idea of upgrading the CPU in a year or two, the first one is the only choice. In reality most people upgrade the CPU and MB at the same time, so don't get to hung up on AM2.

    Other than games and video transcoding it is very rare that users tax their systems. It sounds like for your purposes you could get a way with a cheaper system. A Sempron system could be had for a third of the price. If you you don't mind spending the extra money a low end C2D system is going to give you a lot of performance for the cost of the 4th system.
  3. thanks for the thoughts. Was looking at the X2's as multiple apps is something that I do find myself doing more often than not. And I am pretty dedicated to AMD.........would the Sempron systems give me that capability. Some info I forgot to include in the first post, going with 2 SATA hdd's. probably a combo dvd burner/cd burner. Moderate graphics card since not a dedicated gamer and maybe a good/medium quality sound card. Save xtra money for some decent ram
  4. The X2 is a fine choice then. You should spec the parts seprate. I have only found a few times where a barebones was cheaper and I like the choices given by buying seprate. A good place just to get baseline prices on products is

    I don't know if the sound card is a good pick. Most users are happy with onboard sound.
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