Possible R600 pic ???? check it out


-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang thats big
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  1. This has already been posted
  2. Lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It has.

    From VR-Zone...
  4. That thing is long! and power hungry!
  5. i guess its time for everyone to get those new Ultra ATX cases(not Ultra the company....just a deeper case...)

    Will it fit in the Antec Atlas?
  6. Quote:
    That thing is long! and power hungry!

    thats the 12' oem version
    the retail will be just 9'5 ( shorter than the 8800 GTX )

    no, I actually had posted it earlier, you're welcome to join our discussion if you want
    But that's insane on the power connectors

    and actually MR.Taco, you need to watch out your ego, since you were NOT THE FIRST ONE to have posted the pics like you claim...
    this was posted in the morning:
    while YOURS was postedin the afternoon, more than 9 hours later..

    in short words, you seem to be triying to "milk" people to your posts, insteat of sending people to the CORRECT and ACTIVE post

    In other hand...
    Remember they at first said the 8800GTX was gonna draw 200-220 Watts
    and it ended using around 120-150watts ( 18-20 amperes ) and ended
    just using 60-70% of that claim.

    the X2800 as been mentioned to draw 240 Watts ( around 20 amps, ) maybe it will be lower.. considering the OEM fan is claimed to use (20 watts? )
  7. Quote:
    That thing is long! and power hungry!

    Just like me, perfect! :twisted:

    I never heard any enthusiast ever complain an option was power hungry if it was ever beating all other options.

    It's only power hungry if the G80 can do the same for less. If it ends up having more features (even on like HDR+AA in the last generation) or more performance, no one will care about the power situation except those who really aren't in the target market anyways.

    Big problem will be if there's no advantage, and just that drawback.
  8. Well I think it was a question of production problems, wanting lower RAM prices (the Samsung memory has been shipping since I first learned about it last year and of course dropping prices per card means cheaper MSRP) and then the most important part, no Vista / DX10 pressure, their sales are still doing OK (they actually gained ground on nV during the time they had the GF8800), so better to launch a finished product, than something that is overpriced and not ready for prime time. Don't want a recall-reissue like the GF8800 and the eVGA GF7900s, that costs money and would hurt the brand. AMD is playing is safe, which actually bothers me because it means the pace of competition has slowed.

    As for the power and performance, it depends, it's not surprising there's more power, it has more memory than the GF8800, running at a higher bitwidth, and the core runs faster with +/- the same number of transistors (unknown what's inside the core further). So it was never going to equal th GF8800 for power consumption, the question is how much more power and how stable.

    But we'll see if it was worth it or not once the performance figures and features list comes out.
  9. Yep the tension mounts until release day and we find out what the R600 really is.

    I'm just wanting for them to release it so we can get our hands on the meaty mid-range and mobile finally! :?
  10. Yes! The 8600 Ultra looks freaking awesome, its supposed to be like $200 right?

    I am excited for that... now if only i could find a cool game to play... :?
  11. haha, yeah thats what I play, I get 400fps with my x1900gt... when the 8600ultra comes out imma be gettin 600fps! DANG I AM EXCITED!!!
  12. seriuosly though, I get excited about new video cards and stuff and then I'm like... no good games are out, why do I care about new video cards?
  13. Quote:
    True, I'm tired of spending something like $50 on a game when old games like halo or cs are better

    But you gotta try this game out, it's quite addicting actually

    ha !
  14. im a vegetarian :D

  15. Mmmm electronics
  16. oh you r bad
  17. Quote:
    True, I'm tired of spending something like $50 on a game when old games like halo or cs are better

    But you gotta try this game out, it's quite addicting actually

    ha !
    What, you don't like mcdonalds? :lol:

    I like this game, but i dont get why my cows are always starving... I can plant so much soy but still they starve!!!
  18. Man wtf

    the people keep getting food poisoning
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