My Opty 165 cannot OC past 2.0

I have an Asus A8N5X Mobo and was able to get my old amd 64 3200+ to 2.5. Now i get blue screen after 2.0..What can I do?
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  1. tell me the whole build of your computer, and what all your relavent BIOS settings are.
  2. AMD Opteron 165 | Asus A8N5X mobo | 5.1 surround soundcard | 2 GB Corsair PC3200 Ram| 250gig Hitachi Hdd/60 GB WD HDD | 420w PS | EVGA Geforce 7800GT | Logitec 5.1 surrond sound speakers w/subwoofer z-560

    *One stick of RAM being RMA'd At the moment*

    Other settings:

    Vcore: 1.35
    +3.3 @ 3.26v
    +5.0 @ 4.92v
    +12 @ 11.75
    cpu temp @ 41c
    MB temp @ 30c
    cpu fan @ 3013
  3. my first guess would be your motherboard or your psu. i suspect it is a power issue, and that one or the other is not keeping the voltages right.

    also how are your timings with your ram, and what was the reason you RMA'd the one stick?
  4. timings show 3-3-3-7. One stick went bad and had 5 errors on memtest.
  5. Have you set your memory to 166mhz instead of 200 ? else they'll be oc'ed as well.

    My opty 170 runs at 2.65 with memory at 166 (220 effective) - higher fsb means memory needs to go down to 133 to not turn unstable. Perhaps you've forgotten the memory setting? You could also try changing to cl3 in the bios?

    What's the fsb running at? and did you try lowering the HT link to 600 (mine runs 1050mhz flawless, but who knows)
  6. I'm gonna try lowering it to 166 and see what happens. When I get the error, it says Error_in_non_paged_area or something like that if it helps. I'll let you know what happens, thanks!
  7. What does cpu-z tell you the memory runs at ? (
    and how do you test it's stable? do you just OC it and start playing games etc? (if it ain't stable, it can fuck up your filesystem and other stuff before it fucks up enough to get a debugcheck (the blue screen).

    if your cpu and/or memory is making errors, it can invalidate memory, and therefore write wrong data to disk or programs, and/or cause unexpected crashes. For instance it can set invalid return addresses at the end of a program sequence, causing it to jump to invalid code (similar to bufferoverflows).
    In any event, make sure you stress the system when you think it's stable.

    Perhaps check the other thread I posted in earlier for some tips.

    Edit: Appearently there's some auto censoring in here .... in case it disrupts the meaning - the stars mean the F word .... second time with an s at the end.
  8. Have have you turned down the the hyper transport bus? Probably not a power problem, unless you psu is having it's issues. It should have enough power, as my system, similar to your with sli 7800gtx's oced, and the 165 @ 3ghz would draw 330w from the wall under load.

    I think you are missing a setting or two. Loosen up the ram timing, turn the ram down, lower the HTT bus.... etc.

  9. Well by testing it I just do some browsing for a bit and go from there. CPU-Z says 200 for the RAM as well. Once I get my new stick of ram back, I will put it down to 166 and do what you said in your other thread to see if I can boost it up. Thanks!
  10. Well even though my PS is 420w it is one that came with my antec case going back about 4 years. I think it is an antec PS but not 100% sure but I have never had any issues with it so far. Could it be the ps though and it is not strong enough?
  11. Have you checked to make sure you have the right BIOS version?

    From ASUS website:
    Does ASUS A8N5X & A8N-E motherboard support socket 939 E4 & E6 stepping AMD Opteron CPU?

    Yes, please update A8N5X BIOS to v0401 as well as A8N-E BIOS to 1010.003 or later to support socket 939 E4 & E6 stepping AMD Opteron CPU.

    Good advice to slow down memory and HT.
  12. Hmm that could be bios version is actually 0302 or something, I'll try flashing the bios too, thanks!
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