Will office 2007 professional work with windows 7?

I have a starter edition of windows 7 that came pre-installed on my HP 110 series mini. I also have a 2007 ms office proffessional CD (even though I plan only to install word, excel, outlook).

Question: Will my mini be able to handle those features of MS Office I have described (word, excel, and outlook)?

In the event I will need to upgrade, what should I get? Also, would it help if I left out excel ?

I already have purchased an external CD drive.

Thank you for your time
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  1. Should handle them with no issues !
  2. Then again, perhaps not. Just yesterday, my client directed me to install Office 2007 Professional on her brand new Asus EeePC, with 1GB RAM (why do they do that?) and Windows 7 Starter Edition.

    Office 2007 Pro installed fine - but its applications failed to run, producing an "out of memory" error on invoking any of them.

    In addition, the machine wouldn't run its pre-loaded Office 2010 Starter Edition, producing the same memory error, and prompting me to "repair" it in the Control Panel.

    The issue persisted after restarting and power cycling the netbook.

    Finally, following the instruction to perform the Control Panel Office 2010 "repair" produced a new surprise: The "repair" stripped Office 2007 from the machine!

    Office 2010 Starter Edition runs fine. However, Office 2007 executables and support files are now absent from the netbook, except for the 166 megabytes of now-useless Office 12 files and folders which the "repair" left behind.

    Based on this experience, I recommend either removing Office 2010 Starter Edition before installing Office Pro 2007, or accepting the bundled package with its limitations and saving up for more RAM, or a netbook on which you can install full Windows 7 and Office 2007 Pro (such as my own Gateway - not a plug here, just my anecdotal experience).
  3. Eee PC cant even be a real Notebook i think
    i dont even expect to run any webgames on it lol
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