help with Cpu fan, DS3

Just got a new DS3, rev2.0, for some reason my ArcticCooling freezer7 Pro fan is not spinning(it jerks on and off every other second)usually needs to finger it to jump start and keep it spnning, even when it's spinning, it's very slow, RPM is around 300. I wonder if this a under-voltage problem and how can i fix it. everything else runs Okay.
oh, and btw, it takes forever to get into standby mode or shut down, any fix?

C2D 6600, 2gb OCZ platinum 6400, 1950pro, Seagate 320, WinXP.

Thanks folks.
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  1. Enter your BIOS settings by pressing DEL on powerup, go to the PC Health Status screen and disable the setting for 'fan speed control' to run the fan at full speed all the time.

    By default the setting is to auto, which means it is controlled according to temp and often fools people into thinking it is not working.
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