new gaming rig

here are the parts that i have picked out for my new compter. cost comes to about $2000 canadian +/- 200 with tax
evga 8800GTX
ASUS P5N-E-SlI motherboard
OCZ gamerxstream 600W PSU
Thermaltake armour case
Thermaltake big typhoon CPU cooler
intel E6600
250GB hard drive
$30 modem
LG 18x18x8 dual-layer with lightscribe
any suggestions and changes are welecome
Thanks! :D
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  1. I believe you would benefit from the 700W GameXstream - as the 8800GTX isn't exactly a power saver...also, your upgrade path would be widened.

    Which OCZ Ram have you chosen, as with the HD?
  2. HD is a Seagate Barracuda and the RAM is Gold Dual channel DDR2 PC-6400
  3. I would look at Corsair XMS2 for a good stable DDR2 800 RAM set.
  4. ya i guess i should get that. too bad its like almost $100 more :(
    oh well
    thanks for your help!
  5. Its actually 50$ less...?
  6. maybe it is. what website are you using? and is it a canadian site?
  7. Blah, the Seagate I have is hella loud.
  8. Quote:
    Blah, the Seagate I have is hella loud.

    so which hard drive company would you suggest?
  9. Quiet, QwazzXD
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