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I was wondering so hard about something. Can computer manufacturers afford to give discounts on their components when they sell wholesale? I mean, AMD and Intel sell their processors at wholesale (1k units!) at the retail price itself. So do wholesalers make any profit on components itself?

Could also be helpful if u name some wholesalers :)

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  1. For processors Microcenter has excellent prices. It gets you into the store where there are shelves of other stuff to waste your money on. But to answer your specific question...what the heck are you talkin' about?

  2. Quote:
    So do wholesalers make any profit on components itself?

    No. They sell stuff for kicks most days.

  3. lol man. i guess i was pretty absent minded when i posted the question. In other industries such as books and other stuff like that, publishers would give upto 30-50% discount when they distribute to wholesalers. And then the wholesalers take a cut and distribute down to retailers at another rate, low enough to be profitable for the retailer.

    So the question is, can manufacturers of computer components ( Intel,AMD, Gigabyte, Antec etc ) afford to give such discounts to wholesalers? and moving down to retailers, what margin would the average brick and mortar local computer shop get when he sells computer components to homebuilders?
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