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Hi guys, hope this is the correct forum.

I'm new to networking and need some advice please.

I have finally got myself a laptop and skinted myself out doing it so I need some cheepest options advice,
I want to get this thing to link up to my PC for file sharing between computers and if possible to print off from the laptop to the existing printer but if it means a router or wireless of some sort then I cannot till funds recover.

for now a cheep option for pulling and pushing files will do.


I'm a member of a voluntary organisation and a lot of the members keep asking me to help them out with their PCs that they have screwed up. Believe it or not I'm quite good at that side of things it just networking, I have never had any need for it.
If I need to would I be able to take my Laptop down to their sick PC and using a cable plug into their hard drive, running any software I choose, anti virus, anti spyware etc. without access to their switched on PC. Sort of remotely

How would I go about this? and what cable, software?

I hope the above make sense, lol I know what I mean!

thanks folks in advance


Windows XP both
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  1. To connect 2 computers on a network for file sharing, etc., all you need is a crossover network cable. A crossover cable is a standard cat5e cable with RJ45 connectors where one end is wired so that a separate bridge, router, hub, or switch is not required. Cost is typically $10-15 in your local computer store, Wal Mart, etc. here is an online source. Make sure it says it is a "crossover" cable. You then run the home network setup wizard on each machine, setting both up on the same workgroup. Then, enable sharing on the folder you want to share.

    If you are connecting 3 or more computers, then you will need an ethernet switch or hub. Cost is typically $25-50, but sometimes you can find them for $10 or less with rebates. Here is one for 10 bucks with rebate. You'd also need the cables for each computer. The, run the network setup on each machine, etc.

    I can't help you with the remote diagnosis part, but I know software packages are available for that. Again, though, costs money.
  2. thanks for the reply
  3. Being a low-budget user myself
    another maybe usefull tip.
    If you decide to use a crossover cable
    and later on buy a switch or hub, don't throw away the
    crossover cable, using a switch or hub, the crossover cable
    will work like any other cable. So one less cable to buy in that case.

    Regards Peter
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