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I forgot the password on my laptop and can't seem to find anyway around it. I tried the obvious things like removing the cmos battery with no luck. It says something about being a hard drive password so I tried replacing the hard drive with no luck. Any ideas? It's an older Dell C600
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  1. so you can't log-in to windows as admin? or can't access bios?
  2. need to figure out how to clear the CMOS on a laptop....
  3. I'd call Dell... Could be a proprietary bios.

    My 2p.
  4. I can't get into the BIOS or do much of anything, as soon as I turn it on it asks for it. I found a green 7.2v battery labeled reserve which I assumed was the cmos battery and pulled that. Though now that I think of it, cmos batteries are usually 3v is it possible there's another?
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    So i removed both the main battery and that 7.2v battery and still no luck. There's a password permanently on the hard drive which isn't an issue, I planned on upgrading that anyway, but there's still that screen that wants the password as soon as I power it on. If I open it up is there a good chance I'll find a different battery or a jumper?
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