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Hey everyone, I know this might be off topic but where can you get more expert advice then tg forums :D.

So anyways i have a sony vaio vgn-a290 which i bought at best buy about 2 years ago. About last month the jack in the back which you use to charge y our battery broke. I sent it in to best buy and they replaced it (5 year warranty) ever since i got it back the laptop has been shutting off randomly. I thought it might be a heat related issue so i sent it back to best buy twice. Supposedly they cleaned the cpu heatsinks and fans. Though both times i got it back i have had the same issues. The fans are working (quite quietly) and the laptop shuts off even when its not hot or running any demanding programs. I have also took the battery out and left the laptop just running on ac power and after a few hours it still turns off. I have Also checked the laptop desktop properties and its not set to sleep mode, so does anyone have any idea what is happening? Or should i just keep sending it in until the no lemon policy kicks in :P
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  1. It could be a power related issue. do the following:

    1) Test the laptop with a different power adapter
    2) If it fails with a different power adapter try to see if there is a problem with the battery
    3) If all else fails call Sony Customer Support for assistance.
  2. 1)Well i don't have a different power adapter since they are like 150$
    2)I tried just running on battery power and i have the same issue, then i tried just running on ac power but it still does the same thing.
    3)I don't think they would be very helpful, they will just make me send it to them and charge me a lot of $$

    Today i took it back to best buy and the guy insisted for me to leave it their so they can run a diagnostic on it, he said that it might be a software problem. This i know is bs so i am just crossing my fingers that it gets something replaced once more so i can just get a new comp :) .
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