8800 vs the new ATI

I'm thinking about buying the 8800GTS... just because I want a good card and I want it to support the directx10...

I know that ATI is about to go out with thier directX card...

My question is: should I wait for the AIT to go out?
It's probably gonna drop the 8800 price down, and thier card might even be better :-)
Anyone have an idea when is it going to be?

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  1. IMO get an eVGA GF8800GTS (either 640 or 320MB) and then by the time the 90-day step-up time comes around you can likely upgrade to a GF8900 series card (which is not the new generation 80nm card it sound, but more an OC'ed 90nm version [they seem to be skipping 80nm and going to 65nm after the GF8900 from what it sounds like]), at that stage you could either upgrade to the GF8900 with the step-up program (best for early life replacement since later eVGA will be much more expensive from step-up than NewEgg). OR if you like what comes from ATi, then you can sell your GF8800GTS at a minimal loss and make the switch.

    IMO, that way you don't risk too muc, yet get the benefit of good gaming while you wait.

    However if you want to wait, then more info on the R600 should be out at the beginning on next month, with cards a few weeks after that.
  2. Quote:
    I also hear there will be another 8800GTS released with less memory.

    Do you mean this one? :)


    I'm personally waiting for the 8600 cards, but the card in the link was still very tempting!
  3. IMO, you should wait. ATI's cards should be coming soon, and as long as you can wait a while it should be fine. You dont want to get the next gen version of an FX card like I did...

    Plus, competition is always good. While Nvidia is pretty tough on prices, if they get they asses handed to them they might give a price cut. Even if they stay neck and neck, a small price cut could happen...
  4. Im still waiting on the ATI card personaly.
  5. after all, I have decided NOT to wait...

    Because I'm into copmuters for 20 years now... and ALL the time it seems like waiting is a good idea... it never ends, there will allways be something newer next month, and things cost less than last month...

    I'm buying the GTS, not the GTX which is about $150 cheaper... :roll:
    I am getting a VERY good card as for today, ATI will show thier card next month and MAYBE NVidia will change the cost of the 8800... in what? $50...

    I'm going to buy!
    Anyone want to try and stop me? :twisted:

    Thanks guys!!
  6. At the moment there is no justification for purchasing an 8800. In my opinion today one is well off with GF7900GT or XTX1950.
    Prices go down, already those cards (8800) have become cheaper and they will go down in price.

    Nevertheless if there were any games that needed a 8800 I would get one. Alas, there is none, not even oblivion justifies such an expense currently.

    Wait until there is a point, then buy it. 6 months down the line there is going to be ATI cards and 8900s running around and one will look stupid having bought an 8800GTX for double the price now with nothing to play.

    Ah and look out for something like an 8750 which will rival an 8800GTX at half the price.

    The only time I would buy an 8800 now if I had a really old card and I needed an upgrade desperately. Then a 8800 GTS or GTX is an option.

    my 2c
  7. Quote:
    I am getting a VERY good card as for today, ATI will show thier card next month and MAYBE NVidia will change the cost of the 8800... in what? $50...

    Yea, the GTS is, and will be a good card for a while. Enjoy :wink:
  8. supreme commander.
    supports dual monitors. doesn't support SLI (or crossfire) yet.
    this may be the first game that really wants an 8800.
    (comes out the 20th)

    anyways, I've heard that ATI's sending cards to reviewers, etc. on the 14th.

    but I'm doing the same thing OP did, not waiting. well, I lied, I'm waiting till tomorrow, when the 320 8800gts comes out.
  9. Oblivion isnt nearly graphicly intence enough to need that card. though not many believe me (not that i care) I currently run the game at 1920x1200 in the max settings the game allows at more then playable frames on my x1900xtx.
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