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I travel extensively and use wired hotel broadband access.

I want to share this with 2 or more computers wirelessly in my room. I only want to pay for one computer. The hotels systems always authenticate a single MAc address for billing purposes.

I also use a VOIP adapter.

1.) How exactly do i set this up?? What is the process step by step & equipment??

(How do I accomplish this with a wireless router? It is not easy as it sounds! It does not happen automatically like everyone says it does. I have been unsuccessful so far with my current wireless router and have spent many hours trying.)

2.) Is it possible that I CAN NOT accomplish this with my current wireless router?? I mean all wireless routers do the same thing - right? So it must be me...

3.) Is there any functional difference between a "Travel" Router and a regular router? By this i Mean do they have some function which automatically allows them to serves as aaccess points for this type of hotel mac address based internet service?

Thanks :-)

~ jay
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  1. I'd be a heck of a lot easier to just pay the price instead of trying to scam the hotel.
  2. First of all, it shall be better if you heed to IceBlue's advice. That is pay and smile. Anyway if a hotel attendant/ barman/laundry woman/cleaning services come to your room they will dectect that you are using a router and get you into trouble. Another thing is that you will have to turn of your SSID broadcast so that the other people in the hotel dont know that you are using a router...
    Would like to know which wireless router you are using....
    All the routers have their own mac id. If you register that mac id in the hotel desk then you can have axcess to the internet from your both computers and even more...
    But on the other hand, if they come and set up the internet on your computer you have to note down the mac id of the networking device installed in your computer and then clone it in the router configuration. That will make it work..
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