All .avi files computer to crash.

First, the specs.

AMD 3500+ not overclocked
Corsair value 2x512 DDR-400
Seagate 7200.10 250GB hdd
ATI x1800XT not overclocked
Antec SP 450W PSU
Win2000 w/SP4 and all updates

I believe that takes care of the hardware, now onto the problem. I was trying to convert some .avi files to DVD this morning, and it caused the program to crash. It didn't blue screen, but said programname.exe generated errors and will be closed by windows. (popup box/window) This program has been on my machine for a long time. When I got home, I tried a different program, that failed also. While trying to figure out what is wrong, I quickly realised that ALL .avi files now fail to load on my computer. If you right click ANY .avi file on my computer, it causes explorer.exe to crash. (again, no BSOD) I was watching a movie last night with no problem. I haven't downloaded/installed anything that should cause this. I can't understand any of the logs that are created, and the event viewer only says that explorer.exe quit, and it had to be restarted.

The only thing I've done so far is uninstall divx, and reinstall. (no help btw...) If I open my media player(s), and manually open the file from that program, WPM quits, while divx player will open the file. Again, no new programs or updates have been installed. Adware came back clean, and hijackthis didn't show anything wierd. I'll run AVG tonight, but I'm sure this is a driver thing that I'm missing...
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  1. Sounds like your codecs are FAQed.

    Either clean install or run a codec pack installer like;

    my personal fav recommendation;

    You could trouble shoot but it harder to do conversion issue than playback issues, but you could check some of your files and see if any codecs are missing;
  2. Never had this problem, do I need to uninstall anything first?
  3. Not really, but if you think only some are F'ed up, try a program like Codec Sniper first to see if they are messed up or not, you can remove the ones that are corrupt;
  4. Oh well, I couldn't wait...

    I ran the klite package, and pretty much selected the defaults. It ran and I tried to play an .avi file without restarting. It worked. I'm happily watching my .avi files now, thank you.
  5. No problemo, glad it helped.

    Now no watching pr0n it'll ruin your eyes/brain, and those are harder to fix. :twisted:
  6. No. He wanted something called UFC(?) and I tested with some season 10 of a favorite Scifi show I have. (including the stuff after the dragon as its now airing in canada...)
  7. Ahhh, UFC another fine use of the net. Good Bloodsports! 8)
  8. Be careful with the K-Lite codec pack...last time I installed it, HL2 didn't play well with it at all (a known issue with source engine I believe). Caused me all sorts of headaches untill I figured it out.

    But then again, if you don't play that, its a great program.
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