Biostar Tforce 965PT - Overclocking?

Hi, I am deciding on which motherboard to buy to go with my C2D. I plan to overclock it and use high fsbs, something around 500, so I need a mobo that can take +500 fsb (500 stable)

What do you think of the Biostar Tforce 965PT? Do you think it can reach high fsbs? What about vdimm, is it nicely adjustable?


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  1. Most people would suggest the GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 for budget overclocking so you might wanna check it out. I've also heard the Biostar is a good one but since i don't have one i coudln't tell you
  2. I have the Biostar board and it nicely overclocked to 400 FSB. I was happy with that and haven't really tried for more. As for getting to 500, I would look at some of threads over at the Rebels Haven forum. Really good information for that specific motherboard at that site.
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