Converting 7900gt to Quadro

hi ,
is there any way to convert 7900gt card to quadro ?
as i heard both cards use same chip , but it's their drivers structure that make them quadro or geforce , so , any idea ?
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  1. in all likely hood yes, because of all the series the 7000's are almost all identical in terms of architecture, but i wouldn't do it, because quadro's use different drivers (and BIOS) and are bad for gaming (because they are slower, as a result of their more accurate rendering scripts). if your looking to get a cheap workstation card then you could try.
  2. i'm a cinema 4d and after effect user .
    and as i know and work , they both use open gl
    so every thing that i need is Render , and i am not playing with it ,
    so any idea about overclocking or changing drivers and how ?
  3. it will include having to flash the bios with your video card, and new drivers. im not sure about the 7900GTX tho.
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