i dont know how to OC my e6400 with asus P5B Duluxe/WiFi

well as the title says i just dont know how to do it. if anyone knows how to let me know because i would like to oc mines :)
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  1. go into the bios and look for overclocking settings
  2. i did that but i am very confused when i get there.
  3. Quote:
    go into the bios and look for overclocking settings

    Or for the FSB settings.
  4. ummhmm.. but that doesn't help me either because i have no idea what to do.
  5. go to this link in the overclock section of our forums and follow Wusy's instructions. They work great!

  6. hmm.. i was looking at that and it seems complicated. how long did it take to to complete this process?
  7. when you read it it takes awhile, because you are working it all out for the first time. once you understand what all the settings mean and how overclocking works, you can do it in a manner of seconds.
  8. that guide doesnt really help. expecially when i dont know much about overclocking.
  9. You seem to be totally clueless about how to overclock, and sound like you want someone basically to do it for you so Ill make this really simple for you. Asus has a feature in most of its mobos that will overclock for you.

    When you go into your bios look for the AI overclocking tool.

    It will allow you to set pre-configured overclock features, usually 5%, 10% 20% etc.

    Start off with 5%, save your changes, and reboot. See how the system runs. If its stable, you can go back and try upping the overclock to 10%. If you overdue it your system will simply crash and will allow you to reset your changes. Find an overclock profile that stays stable and stick with it.

    These are generic OC profiles and will not even be close to as high of an overclock you can really achieve if you know what you are doing and can take the time to tweak things on your own, but it is the simplest and easiest way to do things.

    My advice to you is to start with that, feel happy that you have an overclocked cpu, then spend some time doing your homework, read the "how to" threads stickied here and around the web and then start trying things on your own.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you but trying to learn on my own. I'll link you a place to start: http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/12/11/overclocking-guide-part-1/

    Otherwise, if you can't at least attempt to help yourself, why should anyone else try.
  11. im helping myself but i would just like to find a tutorial specifically for what i have.
  12. there should be a FSB option in the BIOS go and start it from 300mhz before this step remember to put your PCIE freq-100 and PCI till 33 and lock it.
    if your comp is reseting than up the Vcore by one notch, And by the way which ram do u have? 667 (can achieve fsb 333 1:1) or 800 (can achieve fsb 400 1:1).
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