Gainward BLISS 7800 GS AGP "Goes Like Hell"

This is an AGP board you can find more info here:

they make 2 models, this is the faster clock of the two. both have 20 pipes.

very expensive AGP board I might add. Im curious if anyone is using one, and if they know anything about its power consumption as compared to an x1950 AGP like the HIS Iceq turbo 512.

also what sort of power connector it requires and if it comes with an adapter.

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  1. got 2 say good choice if your still on AGP

    i have 1 of these bad boys and OMFG is it quick im getting 637Mhz on the core clock and on the memory clock im getting 1.57Mhz.

    i play games like BF2 and CSS and COD 2 Guild wars BF2142 and others like quake 4 and Ghost recon Advanced Warfighter all on 1280x1024 and on max settings and details and i have no problem what so ever on lag low fps or any other trouble.

    my system is AMD 3700 64bit 2mb cache
    1.5 gig of ram
    IDE 160 HDD and back up drive of a 300 gig sata
    k8n neo platinum NF3 mother board
    on board 7.1 sound

    sony 19" 8ms x-black monitor and i have no issue what so ever if u have any problems or need help seetting it up 2 these setting just PM me on here and i would be glad 2 help u out

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