P5N32-E Sli Plus

Anyone have more info on this board?

In Canada it's around $240 for the best price right now. How can Asus sell it for that much? From what I can tell, it's a 650i northbridge with a 570 (590?) southbridge.. and the heatpipes from the regular P5N32-e sli.

So what's with the price? Isn't the 650i supposed to be the budget chipset??

Also, anyone know if that long-arse heatpipe from the southbridge out to the edge of the mobo actually works well?

Edit: not to mention slapped straight onto a striket extreme PCB... seems like a hack job but could it actually work well?
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  1. I was looking at that mobo as well. I dropped the idea of buying it and the entire line of SLI based mobos. Seems like they are all too new and too many problems. Abit came out with one in the past few weeks but at $300+, I will pass.

    Regarding the Asus P5N32-E Sli Plus, I would not move on that one right now. It just seems like information on the chipset is hard to come by and I don't think Asus is doing a great job communicating what it really is. Seems a bit dodgy to me.

    Here is more discussion about it?:


    See my posts with the same user name. I found a decent review which I linked.

    Good Luck....

    BTW, I am going to buy the Asus P5W DH Deluxe board. It has the Intel 975 chipset. Much more stable, OCs nice and plenty of umpf.
  2. I was nervous about this board too, along with all the 680 mb's and thier stability issues.

    I took the plunge anyway and am really happy with it. Right off the bat I OC an e6700 to 3.5ghz with all voltages set to auto except mem. I have mem unliked at 2.1v and 800mhz. Not one issue so far.
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