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I've wanted to get a Core 2 basically since they came out, but I have a socket 939 system now so I always thought that it would mean upgrading my memory along with it, but I just learned in another thread that there are boards that can use Core 2 and DDR400 memory. I think that this might be the way to go.

So a couple of questions.

1. Should I keep my board and RAM and find a socket 939 CPU
or should I go for an E4300 with a decent overclocking board?

2. If I go for Core 2 then as I said I want a board that can take
DDR400 and maybe an upgrade to DDR2 later. But it must have
a PCI-Express Slot and I would Like it to be Micro-ATX (If I have
to give up the option to upgrade the RAM that's OK). And I don't
want to spend more than $300 on the whole thing including tax
and shipping/whatever. Does this combo exist?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. C2D only works with DDR2 800. so I would stick with your 939 and get a better cpu.

    How much ram do you have for your current setup?

    Here are some good 939 cpu's:
  2. Quote:
    Another option is a Pentium-D 805 + ASRock 775Dual-VSTA (AGP, PCI-E 4x, SATA, DRR & DDR2, etc.) $95 + $58 = $153. The retail cpu is best since it has longer warranty & a cpu cooler. With this mobo, you'd be upgrade to C2D cpu, PCI-E video & DDR2 RAM. These combo won't increase gaming much, but they'll make a diff. at everything else.

    from this thread :D
  3. Quote:
    C2D only works with DDR2 800. so I would stick with your 939 and get a better cpu.

    actully a mobo from ASRock allows u to use DDR with a C2D, and it also contains a pci-e slot
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