Centurion 5 + 380w PSU for $9 after reb, good deal

I found this deal on Hardforums.com's Hotdeals section.


This site SVC (Good reviews on resellerratings.com) is offering a $30 rebate + $10 off on CoolerMaster's Centurion 5 case. ($49 on Newegg)

It ends up costing $39.99 + shipping and tax if you're in California, but the $30 rebate makes it $9.99


I used this combined with Paypal's "$15 cashback on $30 or more order" and with the shipping being $13.52 UPS ground, I end up getting the case for about $10 shipped after tax and rebates.

A very good deal for those of you on a budget looking for a good case.

The power supply is a Cooler Master 380 watt. Probably not a very good power supply for a dual core system, but coming with the case free? (Newegg's Centurion 5 doesn't have a PSU)
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  1. i have the cent 5 and it is a great case, better than my antec case.

    seems like a good deal to me.
  2. That is a great deal, My son loves his cent5...

    yea I agree that single-rail hipro-based CM won't do much by todays standards - but hey, everyone needs a spare for their aging relics. Well at least I would not mind having one :)
  3. Well, you could always pull out the 380, sell it for like $20 shipped and you'll even MAKE money buying this case.

    The case goes for $49.99 on Newegg with no Power Supply, you'd be getting paid $5 to own it lol.

    I plan on pulling the 380 out and sell it as "Never used" for like $20 shipped.

    Would go great in a single core 64 bit socket 939 system with one hard-drive and one optical drive though.
  4. How do you get that paypal money back deal?

    Also, I searched for centurion 5 on newegg:


    Could somebody tell me which case the one on SWC is?
  5. Go to Paypal.com and on the front page it says "$15 cash back on $30 order" or something of the sort.

    This is the one on Newegg.com they're selling on SVC.com:

    It's $49.99 on Newegg, no side-window. There's one on Newegg, exact same model, but Blue/black instead of Silver/black that's $39.99 but that's after a $10 rebate.

    The SVC one is $39.99 initially and $30 rebate. You have to purchase it by tomorrow. The rebate expires tomorrow.
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