What settings to maximize OC

This is my setup and it is stable. I want to get to FSB of 475.

What settings should I focus on to get there?



Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Rev 2.0 F10
Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4 4-4-4-12 2 gigs

- CPU Clock Ratio (CPU Multiplier) at 7x
- CPU Host Frequency (FSB) at 430MHz
- PCI Express Frequency at 100MHz
- Disable CIA2
- System Memory Multiplier at 2.00 (1:1 Ratio)
- High Speed DRAM DLL Settings Option 1
- DRAM Timing at 5-5-5-15
- DDR2 OverVoltage Control +0.2V (2.0V)
- FSB OverVoltage +0.2V (1.4V)
- (G)MCH Voltage +0.1V (1.55V)
- *** CPU Voltage at 1.275V ***
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  1. So then it appears that I just need to keep raising the FSB, reboot and if it fails then raise the CPU Core voltage in small amounts?

  2. Im sorry, from what I have read on various oc guides there is no easy answer. Its really trial and error. There are steps you can go through to first find max for cpu, then ram etc then stepped up gradually with voltages
    Its a long process that can take days to do properly and no two systems will like the exact same settings...

    Good luck :wink:
  3. OK thanks I appreciate all the info. I will keep on testing. :-)
  4. I saw this posting about an OC system almost identical to mine.

    505x7 (5-5-5-15, 1:1, 2.3V), CPU 1.5000V, C2 Stepping

    I don't understand the 2.3V and the C2 stepping

    I don't see anywhere on the MB for a 2.3V setting and what is the C2 stepping?


  5. Quote:
    "I don't see anywhere on the MB for a 2.3V setting and what is the C2 stepping? "

    The 2.3V is the voltage for the memory(kind of getting high) and the C2 stepping is the revision on the processor.

  6. OK I get it that the voltage is for the memory but I must be blind since I don't see it anywhere is the BIOS to tweak it to 2.3. Anyone familiar with my Board that can help?

  7. not familiar with your board but it may be labeled as vDIMM
    be careful, 2.3v is pretty high
  8. Thanks for the warning. I am more interested on where the heck the setting is right now.
  9. to maximize an overclock, as mentioned above, is ALL about trial and error... different components enjoy different cpu multipliers and memory dividers... it actually took me ... 14 months to find that 2.6 was not my max stable OC... i only gave up and rested at 2.6 .... with a different combo of multi/mem dividers I later found that 2800mhz is actually MORE stable and faster than the previous max oc...

    interesting thing is... i know for a fact that i have not reached the limit of my cpu...

    keep trying... even when you hit what you believe is the best you can do... try to go further on a rainy day... just remember to record every single setting before you push higher
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