Listing price for this pc?

In summer of 2009 I bought parts and built my own pc.


AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 BE 3.1ghz
4 gb G.Skill 800mhz DDR2
Asus M4A78 Plus Mobo
Apevia Dreamer 2 case
no hdd -- it failed
HIS Radeon HD4870 1gb

It prob cost around 450 to build..

how much do you think i could list it for on ebay?

im thinking like 300?


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  1. I'll give 'ya my 1969 El Camino bumper jack for it. Pic available on request.
  2. :(

    not helping.
  3. Yeah me either. I've been trying to dump this thing for 6 months.
  4. Are you purposely trying to be funny? or a dick?
  5. Stay classy. Dick.
  6. The Opinion and Experiences Forum Support/Hotlines is a great place to list my stuff for sale.

    Mine is a lot like this. I was thinking of trading it for an AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 BE 3.1ghz system.

    I would have put this in the deals section. No Dicks there. I prefer to post it here in 'Dick' section.
  7. Thanks for the help
  8. Im not trying to sell it here. I mean, if it would. But i was aiming for ebay so i did not know where to post it. I saw opinions because it is an opinion.

    Sorry to disturb you
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