How can I do this- Private LAN, Hotspot, VPN access?!

How can I set up the following scenario in 1 location with Mac, XP and maybe even Linux users:

1- PRIVATE LAN for wired 10/100 and wireless users- maybe want MIMO for media streaming
2- HOTSPOT for my customers which cant cross over to my LAN- just Internet access and a printer
3- VPN for my workers to access the private LAN from across the Internet from homes and hotels, etc.

I have a cable modem connection.

Do I need 1 or 2 wireless routers for this?
What hardware is recommended?
How can the VPN be accomodated through this all?

I want it to be simple to administer and flexible for users.

Third party firmware that might make this easier is also an option- not just stock parts.

Can anyone give me some advice or even detailed instructions for this?

Thanks to the experts.
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  1. Across how many boards are you going to ask this same question?

    I've counted 3 so far. Spamming the boards is frowned upon.
  2. Great question and my apologies. Because my question related to VPN, hotspots, wireless and general networking, I wasnt sure where to post it.

    I decided that the shotgun post was the best to get the expert answers across a broad topic.
  3. I am shocked that somebody had the time to critisize your multiple posts, yet after over 300 views nobody has anything useful to add. Like my post, it seems as if nobody has tried this before, or if they have they would rahter keep the answer to themselves.
  4. id look in to a look in to a router or firewall (depending on your infrastructure) that can do vlans and set the two vlans for wireless abd private lan (yes you need compatible switches) and then set up a vpn server


    look at pfsense or m0n0wall get a box (yes a normal pc will work with 3 ethernet interfaces. set one interface for the lan and then the second one for the hotspot network. connect them up apropriately with the apropriate firewall and routing rules (ie no routing between hotspot network and private lan).

    For the hotspot look in to getting plain access points

    For the vlan both pfsense and monowall support pptp and ipsec, pfsense supports openvpn(this is to my current knowledge m0n0wall may support openvpn now).
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