AMD Athlon X2 5200+

does anyone no the average load temp and idle temp for the X2 5200+ mine idles around 45 Celicus and on a full load around 60 Celius but its overclocked alittle but people say this temp is safe but im not sure my its oc 2GHZ from 2.6 to 2.8

Thanks in advance

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  1. Those are safe temperatures - don't worry.
  2. A chip that is overheating will crash way before it burns.
    Please remember where your "temp info" is coming from. The sensor is on the chip, while the wiring is on the mobo. No time was spent calibrating, so chances of an accurate reading are slim.
    If you want to know if you are okay, join the THG folding team. Folding will load your chip to 100% and run until you say stop. If the chip has any problems, folding will crash, way before you get any other indication.
    If you can handle folding for 48 hours, you are fine.
  3. on what basis do you believe 60C is not a safe temperature? a gut feeling?

    do your self a favor kid, listen to what people are telling you. or better yet, do the research YOURSELF. I hear google is a great way to find answers.
  4. What cooler are you using? If it's stock, then you're all right, but if it's a Zalman or something, you should probably check it out.
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