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I've been trying to install vista 64bit these past weeks and got some error. It has come up several times my ram be the problem. (I have 32 bit vista running fine right now.)

Everything is fine with the exception that BF 2142 crashes on new maps. But I think that's the game more than anything.

Anyway, I have 4 sticks of 1 gig Patriot DDR2 800 4-4-4-12. I have them set to that manually in the bios because the auto sets them to 5-5-5-16.

I'd like to test all four sticks with the memtest+, I'd like to ask if anyone has any pointers to testing all four at the same time. Or does it do it automatically?

This is a weird error I ran across that might help, when I tried to pull one stick out, just one, the computer would not post. It just does one long beep. I even tried taking all but 1 out, same thing. It is only happy with all 4 in. (I took note of the slot numbers too, 0 2 1 3, where if you have two they're supposed to be slots 0 and 1...etc.)

Thank you~
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  1. Memtest86+ is freely available as a bootable floppy or CD image file. Download it and use it to make a bootable floppy or CD. Boot with the floppy or CD and memtest86+ should run automatically, checking all your memory.
    As for why the RAM timings were not automatically set to the advertised values, this post should help:

    Remember that you may need to increase the memory voltage in the BIOS and reboot before adjusting the timings to advertised factory-sanctioned overclocking settings.
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