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Hey all a few months ago I built a computer around the abit IS7 mobo with pentium 4 2.4c chip and kingston hyper-x ram. It has been running solid since day one.

My problem with the computer has always been with dial up and it has gotten worse.

I installed a u.s Robotics modem (5699B) modem and the trouble started with its drivers made the modem not work but letting winxp autoconfigure with its drivers made it useable.

I would have lag spikes in the game I generally never had lag spikes in with my old slower system so figured it might have something to do with the modem or its configuration.

I have uninstalled the modem a few time and even installed my old modem and discovered the lag spikes are the same on both modems so that lead me to believe it was an issue with windows or other programs running the background.

I have zonealarm pro, diskeeper 8.0, and nortons antivirus professional installed on my system.

My internet woes have gotten worse since my uninstalling the modems and trying to reinstall from scratch. Now my modem will lag me out of game and completely lock up...the connection even locks up on the task bar so I can't try to reconnect without shutting down winxp...if my modem locks up and I then try to shut down winxp hangs in the saving my settings screen forever forcing me to restart comp manually.

Any advice on what I should do? I would really hate having to reinstall windows but am thinking that might be my only solution. The real fear is even with a clean install of windows I know I will have major dial up lag when I let windows auto configure my dial up connections.
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  1. view any readme info with your software for possible hints. also try disabling those software programs while gaming since your really not doing any HD writing or file downloading while gaming. Also I've personaly have received much grief from windows XP's firewall. Also check for some of those privacy invading snoop software that come with those free downloads and get rid of it.

    Linux Is better!
  2. I would try disabling anything you have running in the background, zone alarm/antivirus, etc. Disable XP's firewall, make sure Windows XP is completly up to date ( which might have a few problems. Go out to Microsoft's website and search for Windows XP SP1a and install that. SP1 is not the same as SP1a and even windows update doesn't find it for you. Try a program like "ad-aware" which will find any spy software that might cause you some grief. I would also recommend downloading the latest drivers for your modem off the USR website.
    Another catch - I didn't bother looking up your modem, but if it is a v.92 modem, you may want to look into disabling the v.92 support and dropping back down to v.90. Or disable the v.92 features such as the Line on Hold features, etc. You should be able to find adequate information on their website (granted you can connect) and even the in the documentation that the modem came with.

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