Sound Problems

I built a new system yesterday.

Core i5 3570k @ stock
8gb 18xx MHz Gskill RAM
HD Sapphire dual x 7970
120gb Samsung SSD
ASrock extreme3 z77 motherboard

Anyway, I installed my windows 8 OEM, updated the drivers, and everything ran fine. I incorrectly tried to turn on RAID and windows needed to repair itself afterwards. It reverted back to the system restore point when I had just gotten it. Everything worked fine except the audio from the 3.5mm jack had stopped working. I tried reinstalling drivers, using 3 different sets of headphones and 2 sets of speakers. Nothing worked, so I had the notion that the system restore messed up the audio somehow. I decided to use the new Windows 8 feature to completely restore my PC as if it were a complete windows reinstall, and the same problem. The audio in that back jack won't work for anything. I tried googling around with no results. HDMI audio works just fine.

Any ideas?
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  1. HDMI audio works fine because it is now the default sound playback device. You can change to the on-board audio in the Sound section of Control Panel.
  2. The speakers are set as the default audio. Which includes the on board audio jack. It still doesn't work. It doesn't make any sound when I test them either.
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