How can I do this? Private LAN, Hotspot, VPN?

How can I set up the following scenario in 1 location with Mac, XP and maybe even Linux users:

1- PRIVATE LAN for wired 10/100 and wireless users- maybe want MIMO for media streaming
2- HOTSPOT for my customers which cant cross over to my LAN- just Internet access and a printer
3- VPN for my workers to access the private LAN from across the Internet from homes and hotels, etc.

I have a cable modem connection.

Do I need 1 or 2 wireless routers for this?
What hardware is recommended?
How can the VPN be accomodated through this all?

I want it to be simple to administer and flexible for users.

Third party firmware that might make this easier is also an option- not just stock parts.

Can anyone give me some advice or even detailed instructions for this?

Thanks to the experts.
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  1. I would purchase a VPN router not one that does just port forwarding. Something like a Netgear FVS338 or FVS538 These allow you to run multiple lans on 1 router.

    The USR5453 AP will serve your needs, for seperate wireless lans.

    Should get you started.
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