XFX geforce 7600GT XXX problem

Okay, I've looked at it, my friend has looked at it, another friend has checked in on it. I've called tech support (first time in my life) and we have come up with nothing.

The problem is this: I follow the directions and switch bios to PCIe. Plug the card in, turn computer on and go to install the software. Monitor goes into what seems to be "standby" mode (green blinking light no picture). I've tried the drivers from the disk, from the xfx website, and from the nvidia website. Tried using the install software from the disk, and using both of the windows automated install programs. No dice. Tried with windows xp pro, and windows xp home (fresh installs and non-fresh installs).

The card is in the computer now, I can use it, but only without the drivers. Which leads me to believe the rather obvious that the card itself is not defective, but something in my computer is set up improperly causing this unfortunate occurance.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know, I don't have too much longer before I can send it back and say to hell with it and get another card. I don't feel like wasting 160 bucks on somethign that won't work.

My motherboard is a K8 geforce 6100-M7.

The only thing that i can think of that i havent tried is flashing my bios. I havent done that in like 10 years and don't want to blow my bios for a 160 dollar graphics card.
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  1. so anyone have any ideas? I'm fresh out....
  2. are you installing the drivers in windows and what drivers are you using? I have that same card and i have noticed that it puts my monitor on standby during certain operations, like a chkdsk during boot.
  3. I used the ones on the disk (says version 98.69), i've tried the following also:
    91.31, 93.71, 91.47 and i tried an 87 or 88 (got two from guru3d).

    I get the standby either during the driver install package (i've let it go for several mins, computer still running, monitor not so much), and on a couple of the versions i would get through to the "we need to restart the computer..." and when it came back on i got standby right after the windows "caterpillar".
  4. had an outburst.

    anyway, updated bios and still nothing...

    this is the third tigerdirect thing i've ordered that hasn't worked...do they hate me?
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