Fried my motherboard? Assistance, please :(

This is from the DFI thread:
Yeah, so I was measuring around the motherboard with a metal tape measure, to see what kind of replacement fan would fit in over the north bridge (damn thing is so noisy) and when I went back to my screen, the whole computer was locked up. I tried restarting, but I only got a blank screen. I'm pretty sure I've managed to create a short with the metal tape measure, and mess up my motherboard permanently. The only thing is, that when I power on, all the LED fans and lights go on, as well as the light for system power and RAM. Could it still be a dead motherboard? Please advise. Any way to reset it or anything I might not know about?
My system specs are as follows:
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D motherboard
AMD 939 4400+ CPU 2.2 GHZ x 2
2 GB OCZ platinum Ram

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  1. Next time, turn it off before putting metal things inside it!

    The motherboard could still be dead... But if you havent already you should try pulling the power lead, taking the BIOS battery out, leaving it a few mins, and connecting it all back up, just to see if a return to BIOS defaults will help it.
  2. Aye, I shall try that again.
    Any other ideas?
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