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Hello,how do I put the drivers for my conexant card every time I try I get the error message bt878 is missing i have put in drivers and 7 doesn't recognize it this is making me so angry I like vista better not so many problems and better features
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  1. Seems they stopped making drivers for that card in 2004, long before Windows Vista was released. Best to do is to get a windows 7 32/64 bits compatible card.

    btw Windows 7 has all the drivers Windows Vista had, with a lot more so it should not be a problem. And microsoft fired the guy responsible for Vista, doesn't that tell you something ?? :-D

    Your problem is the same as for anyone trying to install a 18th century webcam on Windows 7 64 bits... it's never gonna work unless you buy hardware designed in the same time frame (or spacetime) as Windows 7...

    Companies think like this: if you've got cash to buy a windows 7, you've got cash to spare on better hardware, like better printer, better webcam, better car... What is the point putting a honda civic 4L engine into a ferrari car...
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