Loading U3 software on a usb flash stick

I am looking at getting a new flash stick, I can't seem to find the right one that has u3 and ready boost capablilty. So I was going to buy this ocz flash drive 4gb flash drive link and see if I could load u3 onto it. Does anyone know if this is possible or is it stupid to even think this.


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  1. I know this isnt exactly answering your original question, but if you're looking for a fast USB stick that has U3 on it already, I'd recommend the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium. I got the 2GB model for my brother in law and he is very happy with it, and when I saw it all in action I was quite tempted to get one for myself! Yup, it's not as fast as the Rally2 but it's pretty darn quick. Even further down this tangent, I'd mention that the Sandisk one is one of the only models out there that doesnt have a cap, which is great cause we all know those get lost pretty darn easily for most people.

    As for ready boost capability, I was under the impression any usb drive could do that.
  2. Quote:

    As for ready boost capability, I was under the impression any usb drive could do that.

  3. Interesting, although the link doesn't really help cause that database of theirs has different results from people using the same sticks. But looking at the majority, the drive I mentioned should do just fine.

    I mean, lots of people have the micro version passing the test. The titanium is way faster, and has write speeds that are even better than the Rally2, although reads are slower. If any flash drive would pass the test, it would certainly be the Titanium!
  4. So I went ahead and read more through your link, and wow... One of the links was this:
    Where the Titanium passes but the Rally2 doesn't!
  5. It's not possible to load U3 onto a generic flash drive. There is a very good explination here:

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