Possible 6800 GT Problem??? ...

I have the Nvidi 6800GT. A bit in the past I noticed some game/sound glitches with games such as Dungeon Siege II (during the videos - it would skip) Also did this in games such as the SIMS, Mark of Chaos, Titan Quest (really bad), and others. I have it also set up so it's all App-Controlled.

I run my PC on 1024x768 RES.

I updated my drivers correctly (with the many steps, safe mode, driver cleaner, etc) and installed the latest (right now, 91.33 I believe). I then set all my screen setting back to how I had them.

It didn't fix the glitching and the game laging, but now when I open up a menu on my PC, or even scoll the internet or a Text doc. it seems to SKIP/LAG as if it is thinking about the next step or something.

What's going on and How can I fix it????

PS: I also updated my MOUSE Drivers - it helped a TAD, but still bad :(
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  1. Extra info on Video Card ... if this will help ...

    256 MB
    PCI-E (16 Channel)
  2. Hi,
    I had simular problems not so long ago, it turned out to be certain Addware with a knack for not been spotted by regular anti spy/virus wares. This Addware was continually sending and recieving data to the web and at times using up to 70% of processer power, which caused the laggy stuttery effects!
    Try doing an online scan such as Trend Micro House Call This cleared it up for me!
    Hope This Helps!
    Thanx Gaz!!!
  3. Hmmm .... I have never heard of that site for some reason, Thanks!
    I ran it - it found a couple things, but did not fix the problem in the least!

    It's wierd, it is like something happened to windows drawing or something when I either installed or unstalled the video driver!!!!

    Man, this sucks! :(
  4. Heat/power problem? Many people bought the GT and clocked them closer to the Ultra, is there an overclock on this one? I'd try taking the card out of the computer, and removing all the dust. If its a heat problem, that should help. Its also possible that the newer drivers aren't 100% compatible with this older card. Might want to try taking a step back. You can find some older drivers here.
  5. Man ...

    1. Ok, I turned off the Power and Cleaned the Inside of the PC. (It wasn't too bad, but I worked at getting everything off the fans - now Quieter :) )

    2. Went into SAFE MODE and Uninstalled the current drivers and did the driver cleaner, re-booted back into SAFE MODE and then installed the 84.43 drivers.
    Everything went greak, except during the instal, Windows had a Message about the driver not being Windows certified or something. I continued on. Installed them and then re-booted again.

    3. I (upon the request of a few people) then searched the BIOS for Fastwrites to Enable it or something - Never did find it.

    4. Let everything load into XP (like regular)

    5. Changed all my Screen settings back to what they were at.

    6. Looked around at all the different settings to see why it DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM! - Anger began to RAGE through my VEINS!!!!

    7. As searching, I then happened to go to DISPLAY PROPERTIES and then TROUBLESHOOTING to notice that WRITE COMBINING as turned OFF! I am not really sure what that is/was, but at this point didn't care. Turned it ON and once again, pressed RE-SET.

    8. Everything loaded fine, and is NOW WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is WRITE COMBINING and why would it do what it did????
  6. I still get the 3-4 sec. game lag/freeze/glitches though.

    I downloaded the DEMO of WarHammer Mark of Chaos to try on a NEW game (Dawn of War runs fine!) I have all the settings 1/2 down or more, and the game still runs horrible!

    When the demo begins, you are talking. As the character begins to walk the he "freezes" as the sound skips and repeats itself for about 3-10 seconds. Sometimes if longer, the PC resets itself :(
  7. Hey there guys, just letting you know how I turned out, and THANKS for the help that you gave me ...

    Well, it turned out that the fan on the Video card was dieing and almost begining to spin in reverse every now and then.(have no idea how?)

    So anyways, I called up a friend of mine who is very smart when it comes to this stuff to ask for a good fan idea.
    We ended up going to www.ncix.com , and buying this BEAST ...

    Well, now I dont always believe the reviews that I read. That SOB took about 4+ hours of carefully taking pieces off the old card so the FAN would fit on!

    So fine we got her on and then realized that the metal cross on the top is to be filled over so it pushes downwards (under it was the piece with the liquid metal to keep the card cool or something i am told). We went to unscrew the bolts to SHOCKLY find out that the bolts are ANTI-TAMPERING bolts!

    I looked all around Saskatchewan (where I live) in PC stores, CAR shops, the net, etc ...
    The ones I DID find dont fit properly. I emailed the artic cooling website about 15 times and tried calling them but have never got a reply or responce!

    So now I have a card that have become a 30 LB (the fan is Heavy!) Paper Weight!

    I was mad for quit a few days, but I have just reciently quit my job (8 years) to begin a new one - my old job is paying me out with their “Profit-SharingéRetirement Plan”

    So, now I am just going to buy a NEW CARD ...
    The Evga E-GEFORCE 7900 Gs Ko

    That ... my friends, was my Adventure!
  8. Just get an aftermarket cooler. I have an Arctic Cooling NV5 sitting on the shelf I'll sell to you cheap. Woeks much better than stock and is cheap, especially used. $15 you pay shipping. Used for about 6 months.
    If you're investing in a new card then maybe consider an 8800GTS 320.
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