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I had a difficulty with windows update on my windows 2000 OS ever since I
upgraded to amd 64FX-51, Asus motherboard, and ati 9800 pro vid card. once I
re-installed my OS there appeared to be conflicts after I completed windows
update. I finally tracked down that it was (kb 835732). I am thinking there
was a conflict between norton systems works and (kb835732), but that is only
a guess.

Upon reboot I would get a blue screen with a error box with this info

***stop: 0x0000007A (0xE295CC8C, 0x000000E, 0xA00DBE6D, 0x166E3860)
***address A000Dbe6Db0se at A0000000, date stamp 4047dcd6 - win32k.sys
beginning memory dump.

I tried to do repair but it didnt work till I told it to overwrite and then
it asked me to repair which I did and it worked. The question I have is that
I am not protected because my system will not allow me to load this update.

help please
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    boot up in safe mode with networking. Make sure you've installed all
    your drivers and they are updated (my problem was my graphics card
    driver). Go to Windows update to make sure you're all good there. Then
    restart. hopefully that should fix it.

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