I cant see the desktop on my vaio laptop only blue screen after i clicked on the

hi i have a problem after i clicked on update and restart computer as i was prompted on the screen i suddenly canceled the process o shutting down vaio laptop, i just bought it this month, and when i tried to wait for a couple of minutes there is only blue screen appearing on laptop i can't see the desktop icons anymore, what sahll i do, i need help thanks
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  1. Hello, & welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Need to know where the startup process is hanging. There are 6 phases.
    POST, the startup screen (splash screen) boot manager (choice of multiboot, which may not be present), boot loader "OS is loading", Kernel phase "Windows starting", and the Logon phase (user logon). Finally if all goes well you see the Start Screen in Win-8

    What is the last phase you see before you get a blank screen? I'm assuming by blue screen you don't mean a BSOD with white text, since Win-8 shows a different Stop Error screen.
  2. I'm having the same problem. I have Windows 8 but I'm using the Windows 7 Cheater(not sure of then real name). I get to sign in screen, sign in, then after a short while I get a blue screen (without white letters). I was creatively able to get to my control panel and do a handful of restores but none worked. At one point I was told to do a chkdsk/R but don't know how to do it.
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