Need an advice for LAN...

I want to build a LAN with an optimal latency.
I have the following devices:
D-Link DI-624 Router (4 Ports 100MBit), Zyxel GS 1008 (8 Port Gigabit) Rackmount Switch, Zyxel ES 1024 (24 Ports 100MB) Rackmount Switch.
In which order I must plug them to get optimal bandwidth? i'm currently plugged Router --> Gigabit Switch then Daisy chained --->100Mbit switch...or should i mount them in parallel with the router ... Router 1 port to Gigabit switch then 1 other port on the router for the other switch ?
By the way , those switches are unmanaged.

Thanks for the help ! :D
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  1. set each switch on its own port off the router. Set the most important/need most speed computers on the giga switch and all others on the 100 switch.
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