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Hello there,
I'm having problems when playing DVD movies. Theres a real annoying static sound when the movie plays. There's no problem when playing divx or vcd files. The problem also happens on dvds I prepare with an editing program. No static when I export it to hard disk,but a real annoying one when i export to dvd.

Anybody can please help me with that?
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  1. The problem usually lies in your speakers. Turn up the software volume control and turn down the speakers. The static should be gone.
  2. I've never seen a problem like that lie with the speakers, usually it's the onboard audio. Since it's built into the motherboard it catches interference from all sorts of devices, optical disk drives most often. If you are using onboard audio there's not much you can do I don't think (besides buying a sound card).
  3. Thanks for the help. Yes I'm using an on-board audio card. I suspected that was the problem but was never sure to go pay for an audio card for nothing. Guess now i will. I don't think it has anything to do with the speaker as well. They are almost brand new and the problem only occurs when playing or burning dvd movies. And the problem didn't exist when i connected the dvd player via an usb external box.
    I feel like sound blaster audigy value 7.1 is a good choice for me as its cheap and does the job well.
  4. yup, the problem solved by inserting a sound card
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