Problem with watching 720p HD. Please help!

I was watching movie trailers on on my girlfiriends DEll 9200 laptop or something. We were able to watch the HD trailers on 720p and they ran perfectly.

Then, when I tried to watch them on my computer which I built the 720p definitely looked slow. The framerate seemed to be hurting whereas on that 9200 it was fine. I can't imagine that her Dell outperformed my desktop. I have more RAM and probably a better video card.

I am very lost when it comes to HD on a computer. Can someone tell me based on my specs below what may be the problem?

If this is the wrong forum I would gladly repost it somewhere else.
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  1. Quicktime. Watching them off the website.
  2. Considering I watch HD Movie previews with my Xbox (720 or 1080... and modded). you should have no problem as long as your running a vid card purchased within the last few years.

    720 lines of resolution inst that big of a deal for a standard monitor, so you may be running into problems with QT. Have you 1.) Downloaded the movie, 2.) reinstalled QT, or 3.) Played QT files in another player, such as VLC.
  3. I thought I did have the latest quicktime updates. I'm not sure what hardware acceleration is.
  4. I watch 720/1080i video on a:

    GeForce 3
    64megs ram

    Your videocard/processor should be able to display those resolutions as I said before, they are not much in the computer monitor world.

    720p = 720x480(?) CRTs of the 1980's could do 1600x1200 lines of resoltion.
    Current monitors can do 1600x1200 without a problem, and so can the video cards (I am not talking about rendering games at that resolution).
  5. We're talking about decoding 24fps of compressed video at 1280x720 here, not driving a monitor...

    So, I have something similar, an Athlon XP 3000+ with 1GB of DDR-400. It can play back H.264 (with CoreAVC or Powerlink's H.264 codec) and Divx at 1280x720 without any problems. It can NOT play back the Apple trailers in Quicktime, though.

    Your problem actually is the CPU, as I have the same problem.

    If I looked it up correctly, a Dell 9200 has a Pentium M @ 2.1GHz. This is the same clock speed as my CPU, but a Pentium M is more efficient. I wouldn't be surprised if it's enough of a difference to make Quicktime's 720p playback watchable/perfect. My CPU can barely play it back, it's choppy.

    Like I said though, that's Quicktime. H.264 and Divx are fine at that resolution.
  6. My CPU is a 700mhz (xbox) and it plays just fine. I have a e6600 desktop and it has a hard time playing anything QT (audio or otherwise).

    and I know we are not talking about driving monitor resolutions, I am just stating that as an example.

    and again:

    700MHZ plays 720/1080 video (720 from quicktime) just... bloody... perfect.
  7. Stranger,

    which trailers are you referring to on microsoft. Where can I download comparable 720p ones?
  8. Quote:
    exactly how do you play that from an xbox?

    i mean, what media do you play it from and also what connection do they use to the t.v, HDtv?


    (Xbox Media Center soft mod. I use RGB component.
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