Connecting two wireless routers (using one as a bridge)

I have a cable hookup in my room where we keep the cable modem and linksys g wireless router with WEP encryption enabled. In the living room I have an XBox 360, and a long cable connecting the xbox and the router. Sitting around I have a spare MN-500 Microsoft Wireless B router.

How do I connect the Microsoft router wirelessly to the Linksys so I can use a hardwire to connect it to the XBOX?

I'm basically trying to use the microsoft router as a wireless bridge for the xbox, and want to keep my encryption.

Thanks for the help!!
Joe Z
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  1. I'm a little outdated on home networking solutions but I believe in order to use bridging, you have to have 2 of the same model.

    Ie, 2 linksys routers that support bridging mode.
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