Memory overheating Pc 3200 DDR400-450

Memory is heatsinked with vantec ddr heat sinks and is getting hot to where you cant hold your hand on them after gaming. I looked into getting a memory fan like that of Corsair xms fan, but my cpu cooler (freezer 64 pro ) hangs over one of the memory modules. is this to hot or will it be ok? and can anyone make a recommendation on what I can do when i remove the side panel the temps drop about 6C on the processor and the memory drops down to where its not much hotter than the external temp.

More fans blowing in like a crossflow fan?

AMD 4000+ oc
Corsair 400mhz oc 450
x1900xtx X2 Crossfire
wd raptor x 150gb x2 Raid 0
2front 40cfm fans on the bottom
rear 92mm fan 65cfm
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  1. Can you be a little more accurate then "to hot to touch"? Like 50°c is to hot to touch, and 70°c is to hot to touch, but theres a huge difference between those two temps. You said the ram is oc'ed, how high did you raise the voltage? Ram can get pretty toasty if you crank up the voltage.

    That Corsair cooler is going to make your pc sound like a dying banshee, but it wont help your temp to much. I would get a fet 80mm or 120mm case fans and put them on both sides of your memory. Case airflow will improve and the memory should also drop to a more reasonable temp.

    If you do want a fan thing like the Corsair one look for either the OCZ XTC Active RAM Cooler or the Thermalright HR-07. Both will work better then the Corsair thing.
  2. memory is at 1.7v and I will say that is is like closer to the 50c than 70 sorry I dont have an infared temp monitor so I am left to guess. so just increse case airflow?
  3. Yeah, just throw a couple case fans around the memory and you should be fine.
  4. Wait a minute Throw them around the memory? how do i get them to stay there?
  5. Umm...Super glue? Twist ties? Cement? Epoxy? I dunno...

    Just use a couple of those twist tie things, worked for THG, should work for you.
  6. ok Thanks will try wire ties tomorrow after work Thanks
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